You Do You Mama

We have all seen the GAZILLION different Stereotypes of Moms:

  • The Stay at Home Mom
  • The Working Mom
  • The Granola Mom
  • The Tired Mom
  • The Competitive Mom
  • The Hot Mess Mom
  • The Perfect Mom
  • The Social Media Mom
  • The Birthday Party Mom
  • The Military Mom
  • The Workout Mom
  • The Side Hustle Mom
  • The Helicopter Mom
  • The Boasting Mom
  • The Know it All Mom
  • The Oblivious Mom
  • The Spends too Much Mom
  • The Budgeting Mom
  • The Germ phobic Mom
  • The Well Dressed Mom
  • The Hot Bod mom
  • The Rich Mom
  • The Young Mom
  • The Old Mom…………… and on and on and on!

     Chances are if you are a mom, you have been talked about behind your back, by other moms, about being “that” type of mom. And how dare you be that way! I’m guilty of it too, gossiping with my mom friends about other moms is too easy. It’s like we bond over it. It makes us feel better about our own motherhood. But now is the time to stop judging, stand up, own my motherhood, and embrace the unique motherhood of others! Oh, you breastfed until your son was four? You are a ROCKSTAR and deserve a medal!! Oh, you lost all of your baby weight before you even left the hospital? Girl that’s amazing, I am so happy for you! … And mean it! It’s time for our community to replace judgment with celebration.

     Praise mamas for their strengths, because Lord knows, with those strengths comes equal or greater weaknesses! Let’s be a community of moms that lifts each other up instead of putting each other down. Motherhood is hard, and it takes a village. Be a positive, encouraging, and uplifting member of your mama village. And don’t be ashamed to brag about your strengths as a mom, God gave you those unique strengths for a reason. Own your motherhood!

My goal for this blog is to help you identify an area of motherhood that you excel in and encourage you to give yourself praise for it. Own it. Embrace it. Allow others to praise you for it, because you deserve it. Momin ain’t easy! But also read about those other types of moms that are nothing like you. Too often we see mothers do things differently, and we are quick to criticize for no reason other than we wouldn’t do it that way ourselves. My hope is that we would be able to see beyond the difference itself and be better at understanding the reasons behind them. If we understand each other’s backgrounds, struggles, and fears, we can take a second look and figure out a way to genuinely praise them for what they do best. I would hope that this blog would bring mamas together, build bridges, and stop judgment. At the end of the day we all just want what’s best for our kids, and what better way than to show them what true love and support looks like than to pour it out onto the people who are different from us.

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