Hi! I’m Ashley Burnett, a 28 year old stay at home mama of two. Currently expecting our third baby, which will makes 3 kiddos ages 3 and under all before I am 30. Bring on the chaos!

If you are looking for some stylish, trendy mommy to follow that’s not me. But if you are looking for a real life mama in the trenches of motherhood to battle it out with you are in the right place! I wear yoga pants and a hat on the reg, usually because I haven’t washed my hair. In my household I am the wife, the mom, the chef, the chauffeur, the housekeeper, the paramedic, the launder, the barber, the dog walker, and sometimes even the lawn gal, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I believe in the Strength of Mamahood, because being a mom takes a village. I’m glad you are here!